Calibrations, inspections and repairs are done directly by the manufacturer, Pruftechnik/Fluke Reliability, at their US service facilities.  Please use the following link to login (or create an account if you haven't already done so*).

*After creating an account, an e-mail will be sent to you to activate the account. This activation is required in order to access your account.

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(or use the printable form below and e-mail to

PRUFTECHNIK Printable Service Form.pdf

Once logged in, select the 'Create Service Quote/Order' link and fill out the form.  Upon completion and submitting of the form, click on your 'Order Quotation Number' and you will get a printable document to include with the shipment of your device. You should also receive a confirmation e-mail. The address for where you need to ship your device will also be indicated on this document. For Pruftechnik devices (OPTALIGN, ROTALIGN, SHAFTALIGN, VIBXPERT, VIBSCANNER, etc.) ship to:


Attn:  Calibration/Repair Dept.

7821 Bartram Avenue

Philadelphia, PA  19153

A PO is not required in advance and please disregard any estimated costs that are auto generated; upon receipt and inspection of your device, you will receive an actual service quotation for your approval prior to any services being performed.  Calibration cost for laser shaft alignment tools is $1,195; for vibration devices $1,328 (pricing subject to change). Expedited calibration service, if requested, is possible for an additional fee.


Tips when completing the online request form for laser shaft alignment devices:

  • The 'Model' is the part number of the actual sensor (not the hand-held computer) being calibrated (the part number is on the sensor, click External link opens in new tab or windowhere for a list). The serial number will also be on this component. If your device is not found, please use External link opens in new tab or windowprintable form.
  • Click on the 'Additional Information' icon and choose a calibration interval of 24 months. Then scroll down and click 'Submit' button.
  • There is a drop down box towards the bottom of the form that will say 'Quote'.  Change this to any of the other options in the drop down and then change it back to 'Quote' (currently this is a bug that is being addressed).


If any services would for some reason take an extended period of time, loaner systems may be available at no charge (excluding shipping costs) upon request.


Calibration certification and inspection/repair service includes:

    • Cleaning and examination of the system, including parts to make sure all are in proper working condition.
    • Check system operation, including any preventative repair if needed to make sure the system works as a whole.

    • Update system firmware to current version (if applicable).


    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.