Power fluctuations in electrical machinery and equipment can lead to massive, premature wear or even damage. If the causes of the electrical power fluctuations are detected early on, wear and damage to the machine can be reduced.

The Fluke 3540 FC Three-Phase Power Monitor and Condition Monitoring Kit reliably measures power (A), voltage (V), power (W), frequency (Hz), apparent power (VA), reactive power (var) power factor (PP), and total harmonic distortion / THD (%) as either a mobile or stationary unit. If limits are exceeded or undercut, the system automatically issues an alarm in real time (including via push message on mobile devices).

Fluke Power Monitoring allows you to change or shorten inspection routes, saving valuable time (time = money). All measurement data and trends can be viewed quickly and easily on a PC or mobile device. Important maintenance work can thus be prioritized.

With Fluke Connect, you can stay in touch with your team without having to leave the field. Fluke Connect works with over 20 different Fluke meters, enabling you to quickly and reliably identify and analyze problems. You can safely share your data when and with whom you want.