The Fluke 3561 Wireless FC Condition Monitoring Sensor is a simple yet highly effective extension of all predictive maintenance. The sensor transmits all data into the software via Bluetooth, from which trend profiles and graphs can be analyzed.

In addition to the machine vibration between 10 and 1,000 Hz, the sensor also measures the surface temperature of the system. This gives you a clear and overall snapshot of the machine condition: What is the bearing condition? Is there any misalignment? Are screws or bolts loose? Is there any imbalances?

Alarm limits can be set individually, or the pre-installed values​ of the Fluke Overall Vibration Severity (FOVS) can be used. Likewise, the 37 most common machine types are already preset.

The collected data is conveniently readable on the computer so that the machine does not have to be inspected manually each time. Above all, this saves a lot of time - time to invest in other, more important things.